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10 Jul How to fix a bent Jigsaw or Reciprocating saw Blade
George 0 2013
When using, a reciprocating saw or jigsaw, the blade can bend. The blades are rather flexible, but they might reach a point where they don’t flex back. You’ll know this has happened because there will be an arch in the blade. Do not use the blade when this arch appears, and also don’t dispose of the blade. There’s an easy solution to fix a bent bla..
08 Jul Bosch T118GFS Jigsaw Blade for Inox
George 2 1031
The Bosch T118GFS Jigsaw Blade is a blade designed for cutting through inox and stainless steel up to 2 ¼ inches. It's hard to find a blade that will cut thick into metal as hard as stainless steel, which makes this a very good blade for the job. The total length of this blade is 3.25 inches with a thickness of 0.05 inches, so you won’t find this b..
24 Jun Who invented the diamond blade?
George 0 1917
Every day you reach for your diamond blade to cut a variety of materials effectively with minimal effort. But do you ever stop to wonder who invented the diamond blade and why?During the Second World War, a pharmacist called Richard Felker was irritated by the inefficiency of metal blades at cutting masonry, ceramics and tiles. The blade that Felke..
24 Jun When should you replace your Diamond Blade?
George 0 4923
When should you replace your Diamond Blade?Not all Diamond Blades last forever, unfortunately. It can be very useful if you know when your Diamond Blade is wearing down, as the blade will slowly begin to wear. The results of a worn Diamond Blade can be hard to notice, but if you compared a brand-new blade to a 1-week old blade that has been used th..
24 Jun What RPM should I use?
George 1 1337
What is RPM, and does it matter?RPM stands for rotations per minute, which is quite self-explanatory; it’s how many times the blade completes an entire rotation per minute. It all boils down to how fast the blade is spinning, and typically you’d assume that the higher the RPM, then the faster and more efficient your cut is. This isn’t always true, ..
24 Jun What Motar Raking blades do we sell?
George 0 893
Mortar Raking BladesWe have a range of mortar raking diamond blades to choose from. Mortar raking is when you remove the mortar in between bricks. Things to consider when buying a mortar raking blade are primarily the thickness of the blade. If the blade is thick, for example, 8mm, then you will be able to rake 8mm of mortar.DuroDuro has three diff..
24 Jun What is a Sintered Diamond Blade?
George 1 1302
What is a Sintered Diamond Blade?A sintered diamond blade is a diamond blade that uses the method of sintering to weld together the metal to the Diamond. Sintering is a type of welding that is used to attach the segments of a Diamond blade to the actual core of the Diamond blade. This method of welding uses heat to compact the metallic particles in..
24 Jun What is a Laser Welded Diamond Blade?
George 0 620
What is a Laser Welded blade?A laser welded blade is a Diamond Blade that is manufactured through the method of Laser Beam Welding (LBW). This is where two or more materials are welded together by using laser technology. Laser means Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and it is used when normal welding is difficult to perform.Wh..
24 Jun What Diamond Blade do you Require for your tool?
George 0 1545
Selecting the size of the Diamond blade is all dependent on what tool you are using, as well as the material you are trying to cut. Every application will vary on the task at hand, as well as the bore size and segment height of the blade.There are a lot of variables to consider when selecting your diamond blade, many of which relate to the saw you ..
24 Jun What is an angle grinder used for?
George 0 638
How to Use an Angle GrinderAn angle grinder is an incredibly versatile tool and features the ability to use more than one wheel and completely different accessories. For us, mortar raking and cutting materials is the main use of an Angle Grinder, but you can also remove paint, clean metal and grind materials.So, what can I use my angle grinder for?..
24 Jun What Diamond Blades will cut through concrete?
George 0 836
Blades for cutting ConcreteWhen it comes to cutting concrete, whether it’s a one-off job or an everyday job, Diamond blades may very well be your best bet. You can pick up a blade that cuts concrete for just a couple of quid. We stock a range of blades by Duro that will ease through concrete. Some are entry-level blades which will be used once or t..
24 Jun Diamond Blades - Wet Vs Dry
George 0 611
Why does it matter?Cutting materials with a Diamond Blade can be completely ruined if you use a dry cut with water, or a wet cut without water. Some blades are designed to be cut without water, and others are designed to be cut without it. It can often depend on the material you are cutting; however, it can also depend on the blade.Dry BladesSome b..
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