Are the diamonds in diamond blades real?

The short answer is no, the diamonds used in diamond blades are not real.

The diamond crystals that are used in the construction of the diamond blade segments are artificial and are made with the purpose of being stronger than natural diamonds. The benefit of using artificial diamonds is that they can be shaped, sized and made stronger or weaker than natural diamonds.

Different diamonds are used for different blades depending on how strong they need to be. The size of the diamond crystal is also an important factor. If the crystal is larger, then it will obviously last longer as it will break down into smaller diamonds, providing it an extended life. However, with these the cut will reduce in speed over time. Other diamonds might be smaller, but harder. These will cut a lot faster, while lasting longer but the cut won’t get much slower. It will just stop cutting, rather than gradually slowing down in performance.

Overall, different diamonds are used for different purposes but at the end of the day, who’s going to use real diamonds in a blade designed for cutting a bit of concrete or asphalt? Still, I’d rather have a diamond blade with real diamonds in it than wear a diamond ring…